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Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology. . 2009.

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  • Semyaza — (Semiaza, Semjaza, Shemhazi, Shamayza, Shemyaza)    A leader of the FALLEN ANGELS, one of the SONS OF GOD, or WATCHERS, who cohabit with women. Semyaza probably means “meaning the name of Azza, or Uzza,” which in turn means “strength.” According… …   Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology

  • Grigori — The Grigori are a group of fallen angels told of in Biblical apocrypha who mated with mortal women, giving rise to a race of hybrids known as the Nephilim, who are also mentioned in )The watchers story in Enoch appears to be derived from Genesis… …   Wikipedia

  • opeth — 1. (Opeth) (1302↑, 82↓) Progressive Death metal band formed in 1990; known for their blend of folk, metal, and progressive 70 s rock, and Mikael Åkerfeld s brutal death growls and beautiful clean vocals. One of the most talented extreme metal… …   Urban English dictionary

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