Sons of God
   FALLEN ANGELS known as the WATCHERS. Genesis 6:1–4 states, “The sons of God, looking at the daughters of men, saw they were pleasing, so they married as many as they chose.” The cohabitation produces a race of giants called NEPHILIM (also sometimes called the Sons of God) and leads to great corruption among humans. Yahweh is not pleased at the mixture of his spirit with flesh and casts the offending angels out of heaven. The corruption leads to God’s decision to destroy life on the Earth with the flood.
   In other biblical references, Sons of God are good angels shouting for joy when the morning stars sing (Job 38:7), and the Chosen People (Exodus 4:22; Wisdom 18:33), individual Israelites (Deuteronomy 14:1; Hosiah 2:1), and their leaders (Psalms 82:6).
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